The good people from "e-notes" have identified the top ten questions that most students ask about Othello ... and they present these questions with very clear and concise answers. Click on the video alongside to enjoy what their lovely teacher has to say.

Looking for more? This link presents some thought provoking ideas about the play for you to mull over. In just over two minutes you'll get lots of good ideas about the major two characters.

A comprehensive analysis of scenes, themes, imagery is presented at the Spark notes site.Othello, sparknotes
Another site that offers an analysis of the play, appropriate to Yr 13.Gradesaver analysis

Helpful Links to further understand Othello: At this site, the following topics(links provided) are recommended:

Topic Headings to read
Discord and order :
Attitudes towards women:
Othello and the Stage:
Time and the Classic Hero: Non-Classical Tragedy :
Magic and Darkness :
Religion and Suicide :
Courtly love:

Deception in "Othello":